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Fondest Memories of the Chapel

Spring/Summer 2017

Standing at the center of campus, the iconic Chapel of the Resurrection is where Valpo students gather both to begin their journey at Opening Convocation and to bid farewell during Baccalaureate. The majesty of the architecture, the beauty of the stained glass, and the magnitude of the Christus Rex are awe inspiring. It’s been the site of countless weddings, memorials, religious services, concerts, and University events. Quite simply, it’s home.

We asked alumni and students through Valparaiso University’s Facebook Page to share their fondest memories of the Chapel, and here you will find a smattering of their responses.

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I loved coming together as a group and singing while holding candles during the evening Candlelight service. The Christmas and Easter season services are spectacular, with the décor, wonderful music, and joy. I have also enjoyed studying in the choir loft and spending time in prayer and devotion inside.

Jamielynn Tinkey ’16

Chapel Break provides a nice time to rejuvenate myself. While the service is different, there is consistency, and seeing the same people is comforting, especially as a freshman.

Katherine Germann ’20

The Chapel is a community within itself — vibrant, living, a resurrection.

Cody Wilson ’18

The first time I preached at the baptistery. Upon reflection, that is when I realized my calling to become a minister.

Genevieve Dornemann ’17

I enjoyed our annual fraternity and sorority spring music competition way before the movie “Pitch Perfect” was ever even thought of.

Bill Horner ’92

Listening to Maya Angelou speak … and my wedding.

Christina Wedow ’03 Snyder

Worshiping in the Chapel every Sunday while a student. The last hymn was so inspirational that when my friends and I walked back to the dorm we continued singing all the way!

Jan Schur ’73 Duesenberg

In 1996 … July 27th, I was married there and in December 1999 I received my master’s degree … my daughter yelled out, “Way to go Mom” when they announced my name …

Susan Plander-Hibben ’99 MALS

I enjoyed a worship service while at a June Focus and then was able to write my son a note that would be given to him later his freshman year. Very emotional moment.

Lori Sue Juliot

The best memory was Advent Christmas Vespers while a student. To see that large space filled and illuminated by candle lights while contemplating the readings and the music was amazing. I hope to get back for that again some day.

Kevin Prange ’90

So many memories. Chapel break, folk service on Wednesday nights, being a usher for many Sunday services, blowing up a million balloons in the basement for Easter service, many quiet moments at night when I just needed to get away and think, my graduation, and my wedding. We were married in the Gloria Christi Chapel as were my parents.

Patricia Jarchow Jensen ’96

The most vivid single memory is from the morning of September 11, 2001, when I walked out of Kretzmann to go to Morning Prayer and the Chapel appeared to be a magnet, drawing people towards it from every building on campus.

Phyllis Larson ’69 Schroeder and retired director of financial aid
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