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Our Valpo

Ring the Forever Valpo Victory Bell!

Fall 2022

Ring the Forever Valpo Victory Bell!


Total Raised

alumni donors

14% of alumni gifts
were first time donors

YOU DID IT! Because of you, Forever Valpo: The Campaign for Our Future is the most successful fundraising campaign in Valparaiso University history. More than 25,000 donors gave more than $300 million, far surpassing the goal of $250 million.

Forever Valpo has raised endowed funds that will provide permanent support for students, faculty, and programs that prepare graduates for lives of leadership and service. During the course of the Campaign — publicly launched on Sept. 23, 2016 in a stellar kickoff event that featured a concert by the Barenaked Ladies — donors also provided critical support to the University’s campus operations with gifts to annual giving funds and emerging priorities. The collective spirit and generosity of thousands of Valpo alumni and friends made it happen.

  • 385 new or enhanced scholarships.
  • 98% of Valpo students receive some form of financial aid.
  • 60 faculty funds established or enhanced (Faculty at every level will benefit!)

$86.1 million


Providing opportunities for passion to meet purpose.

Valpo has long provided opportunities for people of character — students of promise for whom the University is a perfect match. And now, because of you, these opportunities have increased significantly.

The scholarships you established and supported through Forever Valpo are an investment in Valpo students of today and tomorrow. The funds will provide the resources in perpetuity, forever helping students across the socioeconomic spectrum pursue their passions at Valpo.

Thanks to you, Valpo graduates who enter as students of promise will blossom into leaders who will build the world they want to live in.

$51.1 million


Supporting the Lutheran tradition of scholarship, freedom, and faith.

A Valpo education provides students with access to programs and activities that assist their academic progress, open them to new experiences, and prepare them for success. They gain knowledge and spiritual growth from a wide range of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. They will become collaborators, communicators, and leaders who understand how to discern their vocation and use that calling to bring people together.

Thanks to you, Valpo will forever prepare the leaders of tomorrow to exercise their knowledge, character, integrity, and wisdom.

$32.1 million


Guiding students toward their full potential.

Each graduate can recall a faculty member who inspired them and changed their life for the better, a professor who saw something in them that they didn’t even know was there. These teachers see what students can do and refuse to let them settle for anything less than their best.

At Valpo, the faculty are more than great teachers and scholars — they are servant-leaders, mentors, and exemplary role models who care about their students’ future. They are the driving force behind the student-faculty relationship that defines a Valpo education.

Thanks to you, these relationships will continue to flourish and Valpo faculty will forever lead students toward their full potential and transform their lives in the process.

$32 million


Meeting emerging priorities.

Forever Valpo has already made a significant impact on programs and facilities. Emerging priorities that were not in the University operating budget were funded by direct donor gifts, allocation of undesignated bequests, and unrestricted giving. Some of the needs that were met included new engineering labs, Hilltop Gym and Brauer Field renovations, Conrad Scholars, emergency student funds, and numerous programs across the campus.

$31.6 million


Providing a boost to Annual Giving.

While contributing more than $300M to the Campaign, the Valpo family did not lose sight of how critical annual giving is to the University. The collective giving of Valpo’s annual funds provides vital operating resources that helps the University address its most urgent needs.

$28 million


Ensuring future resources for University priorities.

Unrestricted estate commitments are gifts from alumni and friends whose estate plans include Valpo, but have not designated the funds for a specific area of interest. These funds will serve as critical resources in the future, meeting University priorities.

$22.1 million


Elevating the student experience.

Meeting the funding wishes of donors, Forever Valpo received support for capital projects that made a significant impact to the campus and student experience.

$19 million


Ongoing income to meet urgent needs.

Unrestricted endowed funds are critical to the University, as we can respond to unforeseen challenges, fund programs and scholarships, or seize an opportunity that requires immediate funding. Your trust and support is so important, particularly during these challenging times, as it combines the financial stability of an ongoing income source with the flexibility to meet pressing needs and alleviate budget constraints.

Thanks To You, The Future Of Valpo Burns Bright

  • 2014 – $117 MILLION
  • 2018 – $250 MILLION
  • 2022 – $363 MILLION (+105%)

Through your support of Forever Valpo, combined with strong fiscal management and investment strategies, the Valpo endowment grew by 105% from 2014 to 2022.

  • 110 new or enhanced program funds.
  • +17% Your support of the Valpo Fund has grown by 17% from 2014 to 2022 and now totals nearly $3 million annually.
  • Day of Giving 2021 and Day of Giving 2022 each raised more than $1 million.

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