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I was examining a reaction that I had been working on for the past couple days. There were a few hiccups in the experiment in the days prior. In this moment I was excited to see the final product we had been working towards. I have the EPIC STEM scholarship, which provides one summer of paid research. I was fortunate to get on Professor Pruet’s research team during the academic year, and I was able to continue my lab work in the Chemistry and Biochemistry building into the summer.

Anna Bockman ’20

Students in Professor Teresa Bals-Elsholz’s MET 372 Atmospheric Dynamics class gain “Ah-ha moments” with the help of an Augmented Reality sandbox built from scratch by Valpo’s staff meteorologist, David Goines. Students use the sandbox to gain new perspective on the slope of the atmosphere and how it affects the flow of the jetstream. This hands-on visual tool also aids Advanced Geomorphology students to see the impact river flow has on various landscape patterns.

The University Charole has performed in Germany nearly a dozen times

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