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Christ College’s Golden Anniversary

Fall/Winter 2017

Christ College celebrates 50 years with the unveiling of a to-scale LEGO model of Mueller Hall, complete with minifigures of professors. Andrew Richter ’91, Ph.D., associate professor and Christ College graduate, spent the last year constructing the model, which took 4,500 LEGO bricks and nine iterations to complete.

The Freshman Production. Oxford Debates. Christ College Symposium. From honored traditions like these to long nights spent debating philosophy and pondering the meaning of life, the past 50 years have been filled with countless memories for students in Christ College — The Honors College.

While the University will commemorate CC’s 50th throughout the year, Homecoming was an especially meaningful time for the College, as Valpo invited alumni back to campus for a special golden anniversary celebration — which included a quiz bowl, panel discussion, a review of the CC Freshman Production from 1973–2017, and individual class reunions. Current students also had the opportunity to share their research and partake in a CC seminar alongside alumni. There was even a scale replica of Mueller Hall — constructed entirely from LEGO!

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