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Alumni Spotlights

Valpo Classmates’ Bond Aids Indianapolis Nonprofits

Fall 2021

When COVID-19 shut down, postponed, and canceled large gatherings, Zachary “Zach” Alexander ’15 found himself desperate for a creative solution. As director of development and marketing for Dove Recovery House, Zach helps fundraise for the organization, whose annual luncheon covers more than 20% of their yearly operating costs.

“At Dove Recovery House, we allow women to come live with us and to become healthy and sober through our recovery programming completely free of charge,” Zach says. Dove House is the largest substance abuse recovery residence for women in Marion County, Indiana.

Knowing that the Indianapolis community would step up if he could only get the word out, he turned to his best friend, Monica Albers ’15.

“In my work for FOX59’s coverage on the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re always looking for new ways in which this situation is impacting our communities. When Zach reached out to me on the challenges Dove House was facing, it helped us launch a larger story about the struggles so many nonprofits are finding themselves in right now.”

Zach and Monica’s friendship began at FOCUS 2011. “I think we really bonded when we were in “Allodola,” our Christ College Freshman Production,” Zach says. They stayed close by participating in various campus organizations together, a campus bond that took them through commencement and beyond. “We literally exited together; with our last names being Albers and Alexander, we were side-by-side.”

Post-graduation plans took Monica to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Zach to Indianapolis, but the pair stayed close as they found their callings. So when a move to FOX59 brought Monica to Indy, Zach, who found his organization and community in critical need of assistance, knew exactly who to call.

Just as she always had before, Monica answered.

“Sharing stories that otherwise might not be told is an important contribution to our communities,” she says. “Doing so can help keep viewers informed about their neighborhoods, create change and help people feel more connected.”

FOX59 helped Zach get the word out on the Fund a Dove campaign, a digital fundraiser to replace the postponed luncheon that allows the organization to continue serving their residents.

“I get to work for 40 strong, amazing women each day who are on their path to recovery,” Zach says. “I feel the direct impact of my job each day and get to see some of the most vulnerable women in the Indianapolis community absolutely flourish.”

For Monica, the ability to make a difference for those so in need proves even sweeter with her best friend by her side. “It’s been a joy to spend more time together in the same city, encouraging each other through new challenges.”

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