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Kaitlyn Steinhiser ’20, Student Senate President at the 2020 Opening Convocation

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Fall 2021

As you grow intellectually, culturally, and spiritually during your time here, make sure our university grows in the same ways. If you see a way to improve valpo, pursue it.

Kaitlyn Steinhiser ’20, Student Senate President
at 2020 Opening Convocation

The clouds don’t last forever.

Ginger “Zee” Zuidgeest ’02
speaking to May 2020 graduates via video in lieu of an in-person Commencement ceremony

My mom always says everything happens for a reason. The CAPS Fellowship has allowed me to advocate for my community. COVID-19 disproportionately affects Black communities, and Lutheran Services in America has been so supportive of me advocating for those communities.

Lem Cartman ’22
2020 CAPS Fellow

In the midst of this crisis, we found that our worth was not tied to campus, but instead, that Valpo is a place worth going to because of the people it attracts. I am thankful that I had this period to reflect. It has allowed me to see that all my relationships are essential. We are going to a world that needs all of us. We need artists, policymakers, entrepreneurs, writers, doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists, teachers, and visionaries. We are all essential and all have a role to play.

Eseosasere Okundaye ’20
2020 Student Commencement Speaker

To know that I was chosen to represent the voice for the youth across this region is so amazing. I am so passionate about youth and speaking up to implement the change that we need to see so that we can take on future success in the world, so it was only God’s plan that got me here today. I am truly grateful.

Tékeidra Masters ’24
Midwest Regional Youth of the Year

What you’re doing right now is building yourselves for greatness.

President José D. Padilla, J.D
speaking to engineering students at the James Gilbeau Bioengineering Laboratory groundbreaking

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