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Fall 2019

I wish somebody could come up and feel my heart. This is so exciting; it’s so fun. To be able to do something I have such a passion for and know this is my purpose gives me goosebumps. This is about way more than just one person. It’s not about me. It’s about our players, our University, and our community.

– newly named Head Football Coach, at press conference March 5, 2019 

We must be mindful, always mindful, of the miracles that we are and the disasters that we have become. 

– 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration convocation speaker

To me, being a Valpo student means being part of a community and contributing as much as you can to it. Valpo is an amazing campus in that you have so many opportunities presented to you. As a student at Valpo, you won’t develop just in your major, but also as a whole person. Every day I am so happy with the people I have met, the opportunities I have, and the mentors I was able to work with.

– Realizing the Dream scholarship recipient 

Valpo students and alumni have an impressive recording securing grants through the competitive Fulbright process. These outcomes are a testament to the work of our wonderful students as well as the strength of our educational community — its commitment to academic excellence, gobal-mindedness, and a service ethos.

– assistant dean of Christ College and Fulbright program advisor

You are what makes this University so special, so wherever your journey may take you, you will always have a home at Valpo. And this University will be part of who you are — Forever.

– 2019 May commencement address

Small changes create big change. If you can string along enough small changes, you create momentum.

– TEDxValparaisoUniversity speaker

Power is something that is useful, that you should not shy away from, but in the end, authority and power never capture people’s hearts or their minds. It is never the transformational part of leadership

BRADFORD L. HEWITT, retired CEO of Thrivent Financial
– 2019 May Commencement address

Rosemary and I are blessed to be able to support valpo and establish this scholarship. The education that I received helped me develop the skills, knowledge and values that guided me throughout my career. We hope that the students who receive the scholarship are impacted in the same way.


– established the Newton-Antinelli Endowed Scholarship Fund for the College of Engineering

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